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Appearance and colour in construction 3D printing

We are often asked about the appearance and colour of the 3D-printed construction items. One of the questions concerns curing and the way it changes the basic colour of the concrete. Here one can see how easy it is to remove the curing film even one week later. As a result the appearance and colour of the item returns to the natural for our geopolymer 3D printing mortar - dark grey. It is also possible to add inorganic pigments into the mix to change colours (if you remember at first we were printing with red mortar). Also, we are often asked how one can conceal the texture of the layers of the 3D printing. If needed it is possible to smoothen the layers while the material is fresh. It’s not hard to do. Then it can be covered with plaster or other finishing material. But for our house, we want to leave the texture as it is. We don’t want to hide the 3D printing surface. It is a matter of taste and characteristics of the project.

Watch the process of cleaning the curing agent from the surface of 3D printed object on our YouTube channel:

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