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Renca 3D geopolymer Cement

Geopolymer for 3D Printing 

Having expertise in geopolymer technology, RENCA has developed, successfully tested, and launched an industrial production of geopolymer 3D printing mortar. It is specially designed for the additive technology of layer-by-layer extrusion. It obtains structural strength, durability, perfect adhesion between the layers, and thixotropy.

Sustainable Highlights


Life Cycle Assesment Improved 4X

Our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for geopolymer mortar suited for 3D printing stands out, registering performance metrics that are 3-4 times better than the competition. Eliminating the needs for transportation of sand and other aggregates and sourcing them locally. Thus, we dramatically reduce the environmental impact tied to transportation.


10X Less Energy Consumption

Our geopolymer cement production uses an impressive 10 times less energy than traditional Portland cement manufacturing process. No need to utilize natural gas for klinker manufacturing!


80% Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Producing our geopolymer cement for construction 3D printing results in a whopping 80% less CO2 emissions than when making traditional Portland cement-based solutions. That's a major win for the environment!


Utilizing Wastes and Industrial By-Products

We harness industrial wastes and by-products, converting them into valuable and safe raw materials for our geopolymer cement production.

Advantages of RENCA 3D ink

The only ink for construction 3D printing based on green and eco-friendly geopolymer technology available for commercial application.



Tested in Dubai

RENCA geopolymer 3D ink was tested in Dubai Central Laboratory



Based on eco-friendly geopolymer technology


Industrially tested

Industrially tested in a real conditions



Get the benefits of Structural material

Our geopolymer mortar for construction 3D printing has passed tests towards structural material parameters in the Dubai Central Laboratory.

During the production of geopolymer cement 80% less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and 10 times less energy needed than for ordinary Portland cement.

We passed industrial tests of our RENCA geopolymer 3D ink with almost every type of construction 3D printers: gantry type, robotic-arm, crane type.

Unlike other materials, that are widely used for construction 3D printing, RENCA Geopolymer 3D mortar is a structural material with high compressive and flexural strength.

Sustainably Made With RENCA Geopolymer

From the early tests at the RENCA 3D Printing Factory to building the first-ever house using RENCA Geopolymer mortar, it's been an amazing step forward in new and green construction methods.

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