Product Range
We have designed a range of products based on geopolymer technology.
Fire protection
Geopolymer concrete and products on its base are fire-resistant up to 1200°C depending on the used aggregates.
Sprayed geopolymer fire-resistant foam
Passed the Fire-resistance test at 1000°C for 2 hours in compliance to REI 120 Italian standard for fire protection
Acid, sulphates, salts resistant products
Geopolymer concrete is perfect material for sea-shore structures and structures exposed to aggressive substances. It is also mold resistant.
Sewer pipes, water pipes
Geopolymer foam can be used for retrofitting old sewer pipes and produce water pipes.
Low temperature geopolymer bricks
It is possible to make a construction bricks out of geopolymer concrete with the same properties as normal bricks, but without high-temperature burning, only at 40-70°C
Thermal insulation
Geopolymer foam is excellent thermal insulation material, which can be used both in hot and cold climates.
Water protection
Due to special nano-structure geopolymer is water resistant and could be used for foundations of the buildings with no additional protection.