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Sources of inspiration

While being in France after the conference we used the chance to meet our friends and colleagues at @union_of_sustainable_concrete_development in an iconic location: Chapelle de Ronchamp built upon the project of the prominent Le Corbusier. Being raised in post soviet and soviet environments we have all been living in the fulfillment of his ideas: from the city planning of our dormitory districts to the giant concrete Unité d'Habitation (accommodation units) - houses where function is the key and not the unnecessary details. However, for people working with concrete Le Corbusier, above all, is the founder of the vision of the concrete not just as a structural material, but also as a decorative element. The church in Ronchamp made of concrete gives a very unusual impression. On the one hand, it is concrete - heavy and dusty. On the other hand, the whole structure is penetrated with light with an illusion of the soaring roof and secluded highlighted altar spaces. New structural solutions became possible thanks to the new at the time material - reinforced concrete. Just imagine what a stretch of imagination can 3D printing technology with strong geopolymer materials give!

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