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3D printing of the fireplace

Having many friends is good! One more of our friends desired to experiment with us with 3D printing. He had a fireplace outside, but fire and time don’t have merci to ordinary building materials. So it collapsed. We have proposed to substitute it with the same but made in geopolymer concrete, resistant to fire and high temperatures, and made with the 3D printing method. The previous fireplace was handmade with bricks. The basement remained. So we decided to replicate the shape as close to the original as possible. The resulting model consists of 4 parts. This is the part of the pipe in the photo. The whole printing process (including the fire pit from the previous post) took us about 2 hours. It can be transported on the same evening. The time required for modeling and coding 1 evening. Just imagine how much time it would take to make the same with bricks!

Watch the printing process on our YouTube channel:

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