RENCA deliver all-in-one solution
1. The complete system for geopolymer cement production
2. 3D printers and automatic mixing system for concrete
3. Technology for production a wide range of sustainable products based on local raw materials

Geopolymer cement plant
Amount of investments in geopolymer cement plant is 10 times less in comparison to Portland cement production plant.

RENCA supply turn key solution for geopolymer cement production depending on the desired capacity of the plant. We adjust standard recipes for geopolymer cement production based on local raw materials.
Mobile Automatic Mixing System for
geopolymer concrete

RENCA designed mobile automatic mixing system for geopolymer concrete compatible with any construction 3D printer. It also could be used for geopolymer concrete mixing for other applications.
Construction 3D Printers
RENCA work in collaboration with several producers of construction 3D printers and depending on the application we can offer different types of 3D printers: mobile, wheeled robotic arms and portal 3D printers.