RENCA Geopolymer 3D ink
Having expertise in geopolymer technology, RENCA has developed, successfully tested and launched an industrial production of geopolymer 3D printing mortar (ink).
Advantages of RENCA 3D ink
The only ink for construction 3D printing based on green and eco-friendly geopolymer technology available for commercial application.
RENCA geopolymer 3D ink was tested in Dubai Central Laboratory
Tested in Dubai
Our geopolymer mortar for construction 3D printing has passed tests towards structural material parameters in the Dubai Central Laboratory.
Based on eco-friendly geopolymer technology
During the production of geopolymer cement 80% less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and 10 times less energy needed than for ordinary Portland cement.
Industrially tested in a real conditions
Industrially tested
We passed industrial tests of our RENCA geopolymer 3D ink with almost every type of construction 3D printers: gantry type, robotic-arm, crane type.
Get the benefits of Structural material
Unlike other materials, that are widely used for construction 3D printing, RENCA Geopolymer 3D mortar is a structural material with high compressive and flexural strength.
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